Employer Benefits

What's in it for you?

In taking on apprentices;

• Recruit promising people, develop them at an early age and secure their long-term commitment, so they grow and mature with your organisation
• Strengthen your relationship with key stakeholders, and build partnerships with the professional engineering institutions, local education providers and the community by creating more job opportunities for young people
• Sharpen your company's competitive edge when tendering for bids by adding to your professionally qualified team and showing your commitment to their training and development
• Contribute to raising standards in the industry and increasing the value and number of technicians
• Enhance and maintain your company's knowledge bank through technician CPD and access to the professional engineering institutions’ lifelong learning resources.

In joining the Technicial Apprenticeship Consortium;

The Technicial Apprenticeship Consortium has brought together some of the world's best known engineering companies.  The benefits of joining TAC membership are

• Work with a larger group of companies with common interests and share ideas and best practice
• Influence college curricula and the quality of teaching and assessments by working with education providers
• Strengthen stakeholder relationships through the combined 'weight' of the consortium, as a single point of contact for government and its agencies, professional institutions and awarding bodies

To find out more about the consortium, contact the TAC team